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Preservice Teacher Scholarship

The Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics will award up to three $1,000 scholarships to college or university students in Indiana working towards a teaching certificate in a field that includes the teaching of mathematics in elementary, middle or high school.  Individuals who have taught professionally are not eligible for these scholarships. Applications must be submitted by May 15 each year. Scholarships are awarded in late July and payment is made to the college or university by August. (Please note colleges and universities receive the award and not the individual.)  Recipients of the scholarship must attend a university or college in the school year immediately following the July award. 

Application for the ICTM Pre-Service Teacher Scholarship



2020 ICTM Scholarship Recipients

Lauren Holden

Indiana State University

Math Education Major

Anticipated Graduation in May 2022

In my future classroom, I want to encourage collaborative learning and engagement. It is my goal to create a welcoming classroom environment, where students feel comfortable expressing their ideas, asking questions, and learning from their mistakes.

Sara Horn

Taylor University

Math Education Major

Anticipated Graduation in May 2023

The end goal I have for my students is that they will walk away from my class, with not only an appreciation for the beauty that lies in math and greater mathematical knowledge, but also virtues that can carry into other aspects of their lives.”

Kailyn Scobie

Butler University

Elementary Education Major

Anticipated Graduation in May 2022

By engaging students in creative mathematics, all students, those who already have a love for the subject and those who may not, will be able to find something that fascinates them. I am dedicated to working alongside each and every student to find what sparks their interest and how we can use that to learn math; I believe every student is a mathematician and once they become more confident, the growth and opportunities that will occur are endless.”

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