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Preservice Teacher Scholarship

The Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics will award up to three $1,000 scholarships to college or university students in Indiana working towards a teaching certificate in a field that includes the teaching of mathematics in elementary, middle or high school.  Individuals who have taught professionally are not eligible for these scholarships. Applications must be submitted by May 15 each year. Scholarships are awarded in late July and payment is made to the college or university by August. (Please note colleges and universities receive the award and not the individual.)  Recipients of the scholarship must attend a university or college in the school year immediately following the July award. 

Application for the ICTM Pre-Service Teacher Scholarship



2022 ICTM Scholarship Recipients

Jonathan Pawley

Taylor University

Secondary Math Education

Anticipated Graduation in May 2025

“My future classroom will be student centered and will be focused on giving all students the chance to learn in a community of mathematicians.” 

“I will focus on real world problems, so that students will have a concrete understanding of "When will I ever use this?".

Megan Hemly

Purdue University

Math Education Major

Anticipated Graduation in May 2023

“I initially chose to teach mathematics because of my love for the subject. My college experiences made me aware that many people do not like mathematics. “

“I want to share my love for the subject and help instill the belief in my students that they are capable and worthy of learning mathematics. Collaboration amongst students will be a large focus of my classroom. I want to ensure that students have ample opportunities to actively participate in their learning. I am excited about creating joy for mathematics in students.”

Ally Donnachi

Taylor University

Secondary Math Education

Anticipated Graduation in May 2024

“I want to show students that they are highly capable of anything that they work towards. I would like to show my students that math is an area worth pursuing because it is both incredibly practical and beautiful.”

“Students in my classroom will experience a classroom community fostered by intentionality. Building relationships with students is my first goal. Students will get to know and work with one another. Student learning will be engaging as they learn in groups, individually, and as a class.”

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